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Used Oil Recycling

Offering bulk tanker service, oil collection service, antifreeze collection and oil filter collection.

Used Oil Recycling

Eldredge is a premier provider of oil reclamation and stabilization services, including a variety of types of oil and oily mixtures. Eldredge specializes in oily water, waste oil (including transformer oil), oil-contaminated sludge, and oily debris. If oil can be reclaimed from it, or if it needs to be stabilized, we can do it. We also provide antifreeze recycling and waste derived liquid fuel production (WDLF). Eldredge is a leading supplier of on-spec WDLF and crankcase oil in the Northeastern United States.


Eldredge adheres to all necessary industry standards and governmental regulations, including RCRA and OSHA. We have a proven track record of exceptional service to the private sector, government, and public utilities.

State of The Art Facility Strategically Located to Efficiently Handle your Oily Waste Streams.

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Waste Disposal & Recycling Services

Eldredge can handle a variety of types of wastes, such as: oil contaminated soil, storm water runoff, groundwater, and also oil contaminated water from recovery and monitoring wells. We offer bulk tanker service, oil collection service, antifreeze collection and oil filter collection. Quenching oils, metal working oils, and lubricating oils are also well within our capabilities.

Services Provided / Capabilities:

  • Oily Water Reclamation
  • Waste Oil / Used Oil Recycling
  • Lubricating Oil Reclamation
  • PCB Transformer Oil Reclamation
  • Oil Contaminated Sludges / Oily Sludges
  • Oil Contaminated Debris / Oily Debris
  • Ethylene Glycol / Antifreeze Recycling
  • WDLF Production (Waste Derived Liquid Fuel)
  • Unused Oils
  • Oil Spill Clean-Up Residue
  • Residential and Commercial Tank Sludges
  • Oil Contaminated Soil
  • Car, Truck and Bus Wash Bay Separator Sludges
  • Oil Contaminated Storm Water Runoff and Ground Water
  • Oil Contaminated Water from Recovery and Monitoring Wells
  • Metal Working Oil and Lubricating Oils
  • Quenching Oils