Eldredge Inc. Veteran owned Waste Disposal and Recycling Logistics

Chemical & Specialty Chemical

From dedicated tanker service with customized equipment to efficient and professional industrial cleaning services. Read More


Reduce or completely eliminate the cost of disposing of common plant ‘waste’ materials. Read More

Refinery & Petrochemical

Eldredge provides a full complement of services for our clients in the refinery and petrochemical industry.  Read More

Energy, Utilities & Communication

National utility providers in the natural gas transmission, energy generation, and telecommunication industries.  Read More

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Given the regulations of the industry through DEA, EPA, RCRA and DOT, Eldredge’s knowledgeable and experienced staff and drivers can fully manage your by-products from cradle to grave.  Read More

Transportation & Automotive

Eldredge’s dedicated Industrial Service Crew provides a broad spectrum of on-site cleaning services, including: drain and pit cleanings, oil/water separator cleanings, wash bay cleanings, sump cleanouts, and tank cleanings.  Read More