Environmental Services for the Nuclear & Fossil Fuel Power Industries - Eldredge Inc.

Environmental Services for the Nuclear & Fossil Fuel Power Industries

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Eldredge provides turnkey environmental services to a national energy provider. We provide service to a variety of production facilities such as nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydroelectric power. Eldredge manages their needs, including: oil recycling and reclamation, carbon unit changeouts, holding pond cleanouts, bulk and drum sourcing.

We work closely with this energy provider to suit their scheduling needs – whether daily, weekly, or monthly servicing. From field service crews to vacuum tankers to roll-offs and vans, Eldredge is able to provide efficient and timely service of their by-products.


Capabilities Applied/Processes Field Service
Bulk Transport
Pit Cleanout
Carbon Unit Changeout
Holding Pond Cleanout
Container Transport
Bulk Disposal
Oil Recycling/Reclamation
Fuel Brokerage
Secondary Operations Applied On-Site Storage in Metal and Poly Frac Tanks
Materials Worked With Various types of waste
Transportation Type High Vacuum Tankers
Vacuum Tankers
Vac Boxes
Documentation Supplied Waste Manifest
Bill of Lading
Certificate of Disposal
Certificate of Recycling
Certificate of Destruction
Time Frame Scheduled by Days, Weeks and Months as Required
Limited Emergency Response Support
Industry for Use Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Power Generation
Location Served Mid-Atlantic / Northeast
Standards Met Nuclear Clearance
Project Name Turnkey Environmental Services